‘the brilliant Calder Valley Poetry … puts out work
that is always thrillingly of its time’

Ian McMillan

‘Foggin’s responses to the range of visual and plastic art that provides the jumping-off points for these poems go far beyond ekphrastic paraphrase. Intellectually, aesthetically and politically engaged – the range of reference includes Cartesian philosophy, the Taliban, John Keats and Tony Harrison – these vivid, crafted and humane poems are wise and witty, grounded in compassion.’

Steve Ely

‘Over decades of writing Peter Riley has refined and deepened his sense of how poetry can be capable of mediating between inner and outer experience in a way that makes for free passage to and fro … In these new poems the match is explicit, with the continuing life of a locality set in an even and fertile interplay with a mental life ranging freely within it. This is not a minor publication’. – Roy Fisher

Roy Fisher