John Duffy Launch

John Duffy’s new collection Glamourie will be launched at The Albert Hotel, Huddersfield (opposite the library) at 7.30 pm on Thursday 22nd September. Guest readers Julia Deakin and Nigel King.

‘John Duffy has the sharp specific glance and deep affinities of a nature poet, but will not be pigeonholed so easily. An undertow of gallows humour keeps ‘the dark side of the mountain’ in the corner of our eye, and gives his gentle wit and celebration a fine edge of question and lament.’          Philip Gross


‘John Duffy looks deeply into the world – and beyond it. Whether fantastical, historical, or uncompromisingly here-and-now, Glamourie always has an eye on the extraordinary. A skilful, disturbing, luminescent collection.’          Clare Shaw



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